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Training Programme
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Designed by KidsMBA-UK and endorsed by the Association of Business Executives - [ABE-UK], this insightful programme will provide fundamental pedagogical pathways to ensure that every child acquires the right digital knowledge and skills to translate their current school based learning, through creative and innovative ideas, into tangible things that can help them embrace a career in the Digital Economy with better confidence or create their own start-ups.


Structured into 3 main Emerging Domains: Digital Leadership, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this comprehensive Programme is delivered through 4-6 months / 20 face-to-face sessions and covering a total of 48 contact hours supported by a written course packs and on-line learning materials. The lessons are taught through lecturing, games, role play and discussions all in a fun way coupled with significant digital technology support. 

At the end of the programme, each kid will have their Business Idea transformed into a functional business website and  be awarded the KidsMBA Certificate as recognition of having acquired the right Business Skill sets.

Learning Modules

  • Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Digital Leadership

  • Coding Languages

  • AI/ML/IoT/Cloud Computing

  • FinTech & Business Finance

  • Business Website

  • Business Plan/Digital Law

Delivery Mode

  • Online Platform

  • Face-to-Face

  • Role Play

  • Presentations 

  • 24 Sessions 2 hours Each

  • 4 Months Duration

  • Digital Research Project

  • Real Business Case Studies

Award & Certification

  • Award by KidsMBA UK

  • Certificate of Achievement

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